A Rendezvous with Time

As the world’s leading luxurious watch distributor, TIMEVALLÉE is founded by renowned watch masters, for all the enthusiastic and passionate watch enthusiasts.


TIMEVALLÉE gathers timeless masterpieces of watches under one roof, in the hope of bringing about a universe of times - both unbelievable and unparalleled.


To make it happen, we work closely with every Maison and every partner to deliver collections that interpret unique designs and expressive identities.



Inspired by a visit to a manufacture, at TIMEVALLÉE our customers become part of a journey of fine watchmaking, enjoying the rich heritage and history of watchmaking as well as experiencing a modern, accessible shopping environment.


Thanks to an advanced digital boutique concept, these timeless treasures and rich histories are now one click away.



Along the time-traveling journey, you will encounter your ‘tour guide’, also known as the WatchWizard.


They possess great knowledge on watches and unsurpassed passion for the craft. They will act as the “light and candles” on your road of time discovery.


Like a wizard, they have magic power to read our clients' mind and lead them to their ideal recommendations and preferences, thus, making the journey more delightful.



The center of the boutique, called the TimeTravel area, offers the customer an immersion into the history of Maisons and their heritage in fine watchmaking.


The experience is supported by experts and digital tools encouraging customers to playfully discover the exceptional universe of style, tradition and manufacturing behind each Maison and to browse exclusive tech-enabled platforms such as the digital TimeLine or tablets.



No matter the occasion, there is a watch for you. Just like a cocktail bar has a beverage for everyone, the same can be said about our WatchBar.


Visitors are surrounded by the newest and trending watches, appropriate for any occasion, achievement, or stage in life.



Before being smitten by the extraordinary historical heritages, there is another feast for your eyes - the Timeline.


The digital Timeline, resembles an ancient column equipped with the finest touch screen technology serving as the gateway into the vast history and heritage of the brand.



The next road in the journey will lead you to the centre of this universe - L’atelier.


This fantastic chamber presents a diversity of accesses to knowledge, service, technicality, or anything related to refined watches. You could either have a one-on-one ‘date’ with the WatchWizard, or browse on your own to enjoy these fine pieces.


Meanwhile, you also have the privilege to enjoy the wonders of watch-making through a WatchSlate - an interactive sale table that shows how a watch is born, whether you are connoisseurs or simply techno curious.



The Secret Room is an extension of the journey, exclusive to the VIPs or a select few by invite.


Inside this room, we bring an upgraded level of intimacy. Whether a study on history or innovation, or a call with manufacturers or watchmakers, your needs can all be realized simply through a large interactive screen.



Service is the key that brings this journey to a full circle. Owe to our technicians’ exquisite and advanced skills, TIMEVALLÉE provides high-quality post-sale services, offering various solutions for our customers, to continue their stories with their personal time carrier, like these delightful memories you will find at TIMEVALLÉE.



At TIMEVALLÉE, ladies can find their joy as well as every gentleman. The Lady Salon is the room for the modern, sophisticated, and trendy woman. Here, she will find the watch that will complement her flair, adding a luxurious touch to her style.


This salon is designed to encourage woman to make their purchase and enjoy the watch that will accompany her on her many journeys.



The Heritage Room is the hidden treasure of TIMEVALLÉE, where the history, artistry, and elegance of the brand can be found, transporting you to another time period.



“Always bring the souvenir after journey !“ The Accessories Island highlights the importance of gifting, whether that means rewarding yourself or sharing the joy of gifting to a loved one.


Here, you can enter the TIMEVALLÉE family via unique and personalized gifts and wrapping according to your taste, in order to create the ultimate gifting experience.