Buccellati is a renowned Milanese high-jewelry brand, admired for its craftmanship and the uniqueness of its creations. 


During one-hundred years of activity, Buccellati has always and strenuously defended its unique and unmistakable style, based on ancient goldsmithing techniques such as the engraving and the chiselling, expertly combined with the use of yellow and white gold to obtain unusual and extraordinary effects. 
Together with this retrieval of historic techniques, the extreme taste and the creative genius have brought to the creation and diffusion of textures like the tulle, inspired Venetian laces.
The shapes of the collections are all inspired the historical archive drawings and by the very first creations of the founder, Mario Buccellati. 



    The Opera “Tulle” Collection protagonist is the logo element, set with semi-precious stones (onyx and mother-of pearl), or with coloured enamels, but all having a common denominator: the radial tulle layer, which is one of Buccellati’s signatures and enshrines the colored enamel and stones bringing an iconic touch.


    The Macri Classica line reproduces the very first design, which was very minimalist: no curves, no convexities, no rosettes. Just a gold band dotted with diamonds where the precious “rigato” and “ornato” hand-engravings took over. No show-off, no overstatements, no excesses: just the expression of a pure, simple and elegant beauty that was immediately admired in the whole world.