At Hermès, time is an accomplice. Rather than measuring or seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time designed to stir emotions, open up interludes and create spaces for fanciful approaches and recreation.


Founded in Paris in 1837, Hermès built its reputation for excellence and skill in making horse saddles. The Hermès watchmaking tradition dates back to the 1920s when its saddle-making talent was first exercised on watch straps. In 1928, the first Hermès watches were presented in the company store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.

Setting up its workshops in Biel, the geographical heart of Swiss watchmaking territory, Hermès proclaims its taste for high standards and its passion for precision. Inventiveness and know-how have been combined for over 80 years through a vision firmly grounded on creative craftsmanship and a traditional small-scale approach to complications, bringing under one roof two main fields of expertise cultivated by the House: fine watchmaking and leather craftmanship. 



    The Cape Cod was born in 1991 from the unfettered pencil strokes of Henry d'Origny. As boldly original as it is rigorously disciplined, recognisable by its "square within a rectangle" shape, the Cape Cod is composed of two Chaîne d'ancre half-links, the famous motif created by Robert Dumas in 1938 and inspired by ships's anchor chains. In 1998, the Cape Cod became a cult object when, for the first time, the House's former ready-to-wear creative director, Martin Margiela, added a Double Tour strap to the watch face. Wrapped twice around the wrist, the Double Tour instantly became emblematic and continues to inspire everyday creations. 


    More than a watch, Heure H is a symbol. A singular idea imagined by designer Philippe Mouquet in 1996: capturing time inside a letter providing a playful frame. Over the years, this powerful signature retains its edgy freshness and dynamic attitude.