Timevallée concept

We cordially invite you to enter and join us on this magnificent pathway – to acquire, enjoy and preserve the memories


Before being smitten by the extraordinary historical heritages, there is another feast for your eyes - the Timeline.


The digital Timeline resembles an ancient column equipped with the finest touch screen technology serving as the gateway into the vast history and heritage of the brands.




Discovery of the technical wonders of high-end watches. 

This fantastic chamber presents a diversity of accesses to knowledge, service, technicality, or anything related to refined watches. You could either have a one-on-one ‘date’ with the WatchWizard, or browse on your own to enjoy these fine pieces.



This salon is specifically designed for women to enjoy an agreable moment to discover and choose a watch.

A boudoir for fashionista, a rendez-vous place for jewelry watch amateurs.




A dedicated touchpoint for watch checking and caring. It’s also a strategic field for an educative journey and interactions with our watchmaker through live-streaming video.

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