Carl Friedrich Bucherer’s self-confidence was based on creativity, technical skills, prudence and a steadfast adherence to his goals. Since its formation more than 125 years ago, the company formed by this visionary figure has remained in the sole ownership of the Bucherer family. Continuity, a free spirit and entrepreneurial independence are thus hallmarks of our brand, as is the dynamism that has again and again put us decisively ahead of time.


The story of Carl F. Bucherer begins more than 130 years ago. 
Back then, in 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened his first boutique for  watches and jewelry in Lucerneand laid the foundation for our brand.
Today we are the only family-owned Swiss watch manufacturer that is still run by the founding family. The cosmopolitan spirit of the Bucherer family, who traveled the world, expanded internationally at the beginning of the 20th century, yet always remained loyal to their homeland, in the heart of Switzerland, continues to shape our selfimage. Just like the sense of perfection,an irrepressible innovative strength, whichalways includes the love of tradition as well as sustainability at all levels of our actions. These extraordinary values are reflected in our history, in our partnerships and of course in our products.Invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Carl F. Bucherer and discover our new timepieces, with which our manufacture is once again setting new standards!



    The Manero Peripheral BigDate is based on all the characteristics that define Carl F. Bucherer today: a long history, a proud heritage, a founding family, a cutting-edge manufacturer, the skills of some of the world’s most talented watchmakers, and, of course, the innovation that has established the brand as the industry’s leader in peripheral technology.


    The Heritage BiCompax Annual combines timeless design with contemporary sophistication – a watch born of more than 130 years of style and savoir faire.